‘’in a eusocial species multiple generations live together, performing specialised roles that require collaboration and, sometimes, altruistic behaviour in which individuals go against their selfish interests for the benefit of the group’’

Edward O. Wilson
The Social Conquest of Earth

'' in einem eusozialen Spezies leben mehrere Generationen zusammen, mit Durchführung spezialisierter Rollen wobei Zusammenarbeit essenziell ist und, manchmal, auch altruistisches Verhalten wobei Individuen gegen ihre egoistischen Interessen verhalten, alles zum Wohle der Gruppe''

Edward O. Wilson
The Social Conquest of Earth

‘’kod eusocijalnih vrsta, više generacija žive zajedno obavljajući određene uloge koje zahtijevaju suradnju i ponekad altruistično ponašanje u kojem pojedinci zanemare svoje osobne interese za dobrobit skupine’’

Edward O. Wilson
The Social Conquest of Earth
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Rezidencija 55

Investment opportunity

To investors of all kinds and sizes we offer the opportunity to step into the highly sought after 55+ and elderly care market.
On several locations we offer small beautifully and sustainably built apartment buildings, containing each time seven or eight 45m² units, all with balcony, terrace or garden and to be reached by elevator on the upper levels.
The buildings will be sold as a whole or floor by floor. We can assist at setting up an investment vehicle (local LLC).
Also these buildings are connected to the well established alarm system for elderly care.
The objects are to be completed in 2014 and will be offered at 7,5% gross annual return.
Please use the contact button for your info request!
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